Reality takes on a whole new meaning.

Time is running out AZ

Time is running out AZ

So as I write this, the stories I read about California seem to be realizing here in my own state.  The way the state of Arizona does business could change tomorrow.  In fact, it may not be doing business come tomorrow.

With California leading the way in budget crisis, Arizona is less than two hours away from joining them as systems shut down.  By systems, I mean everything from the DMV to CPS.  While they will be maintaining our Highway Patrol and other vital emergency services, the rest of the state could very well be shut down when I wake up tomorrow.  As a side note, I wonder if they will shutdown the cameras catching speeders on the highway?

State workers asked to check Web site in the morning; campers told to leave 13 state parks.

Kudos to Al Franken and all, but aside from that, the world just seems to be going to hell in handbasket.  Strange though, news out of North Korea has been quiet.  It blows me away all the things happening in the world these days with flu and terror, strange weather, people being suppressed by their governments, and of course celebrities dying off like crazy.  Watch your back Madonna!

By now you are probably wondering where I am going with all of this right?  Well, we know the world sucks and there isn’t a whole lot we can do about it.

What I can do though, is share so really neat stuff with you.  Before I do, I want to thank all of you for the comments on the silo article.  That means alot to me and keeps me motivated to pixelate my thoughts for you.  I also told you that as I got more media I would share it with you.

Well, I don’t exactly have the new media yet, but what I do have is something very special to share with you.  My mom has a hard time understanding why I go into abandoned things and dangerous mines.


I do it because I want a memory of the past, a hands-on memory you could say.  I’m long since out of school now, History class is over.  Therefore, it’s up to me to educate myself and pass that on to my family.  I have seen some breathtaking things in my adventures, things that I would have never seen if I didn’t research and take the chance.

I used to think my pictures were OK, but I was absolutely blown away by what I saw today.  I had mentioned that talk of other adventures came up on Saturday while we were having lunch including a visit to Neverland.  I am about to introduce you to a photographer who has done a phenominal job at capturing history before it slips through our fingers.

While those of us in Arizona are about ready to get used to our new budgetary reality be it temporary or long term, others are going through the reality of losing a loved one, an idol, hero, or whatever it is you want to label the celebs that have passed in the last week.

Jonathan Haeber has captured the reality of so many things, but probably his most incredible work is that of Neverland. Read where he says “goodbye” to Michael Jackson and Neverland HERE.  That is reality  and one helluva read.

I am now even more inspired then ever to improve on my pictures, but I need to start with really understanding my camera.  For starters, I doubt it has the long exposure setting it would take to really have fun, but who knows.  Don’t just stop at that article though, snoop around.  He has some fantastic stuff.

It’s funny, he has entered many of the places I’ve always wanted to checkout after reading about them.  I’ll save that list for another time.  I remember a place growing up in downtown Long Beach that the Press Telegram did a story on.  I wanna say the name of it was the Landmark, but I’m not sure.  At any rate, it had a big indoor pool, was right on the beach, and was several stories high.  It was on the sw corner of Ocean blvd and Alamitos I think.  It too was empty and I remember being so fascinated by this empty building that was flowing with history.  Like the Trotting Park, I wanted to go in so bad.


The difference being I made it into the Trotting Park, but never did try the other.  I’ll try to see if I can dig up some info on it and pass it your way.

So it sounds like I have my work cut out for me.  Keep exploring and work on those pictures!  I do have a target in mind, but I’m going to wait till it starts cooling down I think before heading out there.  See, north of us there is an old dog track that has been calling for some time now.

So that my friends in a nutshell, is the reality of the day as I see it.  Oh sure, there’s more reality where that came from, but this is enough for most to chew on for awhile.

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