Going to be a Great Weekend!

Counting down now until departure time tomorrow morning and I can’t wait!  I’ve not been able to make an event since the accident and I can’t wait to see everyone!  Say, if you’re in the Apple Valley area come Saturday, stop by and say HI!

Check it out:


Sadly, we’re broken bastards at the moment so some of us will be caging it over and leaving in the morning.  While I wish I could ride the scoot, right now I don’t have it back yet and probably more importantly, I’m not quite sure the leg is ready for that trip on a bike.  There’s three of us at the moment that are unable to ride that distance until we heal up, but at least the trip there and back will afford us to chance to get to know each other better.  Fun times indeed, hopefully I’ll have some great pics to share upon my return.



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