Diving into the week after a busy weekend.

Well I certainly had a pretty good weekend, what about you?

20160917_121559Started things off with getting together with the guys for church on Friday, then it was up to Payson for some work on the derby car and pick up my scoot on Saturday.

Big shout-out to Coors over at Rough Cut Motorsports for a job well fucking done on the scoot for sure!  She looks good and runs hard.

So after some time spent up in Payson on the car, not that I did much, I cruised down to Mesa to hang with a patch holder who’s been in the club for some time.  It was neat to hear some of the club history as well as see some of his pictures from past events, always enjoy time spent with the Old Bastards MC.

While I did take the scoot out for a brief spin up the street and back Saturday night after getting home,20160903_120315 Sunday it was time to really see how things felt.  Not with a long ride or anything, but long enough to put my feet down some and try to get back in the groove and make sure I can support my bike good enough to get back on for good.  Again, I didn’t go terribly far, but I did need to handle a task for the club so I did so on the scoot and it was great.  I even got a little freeway action in.

The rest of the day Sunday was spent with the neighbor drinking beer and relaxing.  since I can’t stand wasting time with sports, while he went in for some Sunday football, I tinkered in the garage some and cleaned out our fountain since it hadn’t been done since the accident.  Also caught a few ZzzZ’s at some point, then it was back to beers and hanging out when football was over.

14359067_10154354132340491_5304564614446419741_n-1Had a good day at work yesterday, perhaps because I was able to ride in instead of drive in?  HA!  Maybe.  

Of course after work is when the fun started.  Yes indeed, it was off to my first PT appointment at Total Sports Therapy which was not all that bad.  I’ve already been working some at stretching my foot out based on what I’ve heard about PT so was somewhat prepared for some of the things they had me doing, but not all.  Putting my foot in the food storage was certainly an interesting way of stretching, who woulda thunk?  I’m sure it wasn’t their food storage, but having a bucket of pinto beans at home in our own food storage caused me to chuckle some.

It is a bit frustrating though when your foot doesn’t do what the brain tells it.  What a strange experience that is to be honest.  I mean I can do circles all day long with my right foot, but the left takes some focus and even then, it’s not quite circles that I’m doing.  Maybe more like square ovals?  🙄 

I really enjoyed the stretch I got from the rubberband like thing.  I was doing the same thing at home 20160919_184855with a towel but I could get a much better stretch with the band.  I’ll be back for some more fun and excitement Thursday after work, but until then, I’m going to do as much of my own stretching as I can to try to expedite my recovery some.

At least life is returning back to normal with the yard finally getting done now and my ass back in the saddle again.  Life is getting to be good again for this prospect for sure.  Lord knows it could’ve been worse, but He also knows how grateful I am to be alive with minimal injuries sustained.  I could do without the damn medical bills though.

Hey on a different note, I want to leave you with this song I discovered the other day that is absolutely stuffed with bad-assery.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Have a great week,



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