First off, let me thank you for the incredible music you create.  You are one talented dude, let me tell you.  Killer taste in music as well!

Anyhow, please allow me to get to the meat of this note to you.  See, I will be driving up to Denver for the Mile High Music Festival from Phoenix and can’t wait to see the incredible lineup it will have to offer.  Of course, one of the acts being you!

But beyond that, I’ll also be seeing RUSH at Red Rocks that following Wednesday night.   That being said, while I know all of your stuff is quite intense and I’m sure you’ve got some goodies up your sleeve for the show already, any chance of a wicked RUSH remix?  You know, just to set the mood for later in the week?

If not man, I totally understand.  Doesn’t hurt to publicly beg right?  😉

And for those of you without a clue of what I am talking about, here’s a taste of RUSH all Z-TRIPed out as well as others.

Looking forward to August, see ya there!


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