Death From Above!

Our skies in Phoenix used to be a nice blue during the winter and spring months.  Actually, more like a crystal blue and not a cloud in the sky.  Granted, in the summer the sky would have a bit of a haze to it but I could always count on my blue skies in the winter.

Poison in our skySadly, however, manipulating the climate while killing us all in the process seems to be more important.  When I open my south-facing garage and see my sky full of lines I tend to get irritated.  It sickens me to know thee bastards do this for a living only because they’re “just following orders.”

So if this shit is just contrails, why does it take so long to go away?  That’s if it does go away.  In most cases it just lingers and spreads out and moves in the direction of the wind.

I think these pilots are pussies!  I think they have no balls!  I think I would love to have some 1:1 time with one to discuss what they are doing and how I feel.  I wouldn’t even be bummed if their fucking plane crashed, in fact, I might even toast a marshmallow over the flames.Death from Above!

Ya know, those of you who want to keep your heads in the sand, just keep on keepin on because it’s your future too.  And your kids, it’s there’s too so maybe look up once in a while and wonder what they’re spraying?  Don’t be so damn lazy that you can’ take some time out of your precious day to look up.  Find a comfy chair and watch the lines spread out and touch each other and by the end of the day you’ll have a nice white haze and no more blue sky.

Don’t just take my word for it though, you should do some of your own research and come to your own conclusions because otherwise I just come off like some crazy dude.

These here are just pictures from one morning outside my garage, but if you are really curios and have about an hour and half then I’d like to direct your attention to a great video that should help shed some light on things.

 This should prove to be a very enlightening video providing you
watch with an open mind and listen to what is being said.  Then you need to take this info and look up!  

ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC All Want Your Chemtrail Photos

We get a pretty good display of chemtrails on a regular basis here in Phoenix, but over the last month I’ve been up to the RT66 area of our state a few times and can tell you that they are spraying very heavy up there.  Sadly I was not in a position to get pictures like I would have liked to , but I manged to snap a few.  It was nice to hear responses from folks that came over from California about our trails.  Apparently on the West coast they will spray out over the ocean some 25 miles or so off shore and let them drift in.

For the most part, I do care what people think of me and react accordingly.  However, when it comes to spreading the word about this poison in our skies, I don’t care what people think or say about me.  Those thoughts and opinions come from pure ignorance so I shrug it off easily and continue to try to educate people and get them to look up.

Folks in my circle won’t always come right out and discuss chemtrails with me but I do get the occasional comment here and there that tells me I am getting through to them at least.  Though some comments are jokes in the form of “chemtrails must have caused that” or similar statements, I still laugh right along and say “yep.”  Others put the jokes aside and are actually interested in more info.  I think it’s the fact that they start watching their own skies and see for themselves what is happening in their world that they start to speak up.

This won’t be my last post on this issue, not by a long shot.  I also plan on creating a new gallery of phoney skies.  If you have pulled your head out of the sand and share these same opinions, then stand up and be counted as I want to hear from you, I want to see your pictures and video.  The longer we stand off to the side and let this happen, the worse we’ll be and the harder it will be for our Earth to recover.


6 comments to Death From Above!

  • Not all days are bad, looks like they took today off.

  • Always a good day when the sky is blue.

  • Even more music for your chemtrailic enjoyment. Enjoy!

  • “Death from Above” reminds me of Rocky 4 🙂 But great article! In the northeast it’s very rare to have a completely clear sky all day and even when there is, it doesn’t last long and the sky never has that deep blue color like it used to. The sky looks very faded whenever it’s “clear.” The weather is definitely messed up here. We’ve had the warmest Christmas ever on record and it has been cloudy and rainy every single day for almost the entire month of December. Definitely strange stuff going on, and I don’t think it has anything to do with “man made global warming” from our car exhaust.

  • If you don’t already visit the site, check out Geoengineering Watch, Dane has a ton of information as is very knowledgeable on the subject.
    I think 2016 is only going to be worse with regards to the spraying.
    Thanks for the comment and have a Happy New Year!

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