Want to help in the fight against SOPA / PIPA? First, go learn about the bills. After that go contact your elected officials. Wikipedia has a handy-dandy page set up which allows you to locate your state representative.

Some things just don’t excite me like they used to!

Hello Everyone!

I saw this ad today and realized that while I may have done some crazy stuff when I was younger, these days, some things are just not for me. It looks fun and all, but how could you not want to get on it? Nah, I would ride the 2 wheel version of . . . → Read More: Some things just don’t excite me like they used to!

Phoenix Makes The News…Again

Incredible dust storm last night here in Phoenix. Check out this video footage.

. . . → Read More: Phoenix Makes The News…Again

The commercial FOX won’t show

John 3:16 Super Bowl Ad Rejected

FOX may not want to show the following commercial, but I for one have NO problems sharing it with you.

A quote from the article which you can read in full HERE, “The latest spot to be rejected by Fox broadcasting was done so for “advancing particular beliefs . . . → Read More: The commercial FOX won’t show

Today we Celebrate a Saint

Brother André Bessette, CSC (1845-1937)

Canonization – October 17, 2010

Blessed Brother André

For the canonization of Brother André:

Lord, you have chosen Blessed Brother André to spread devotion to St. Joseph and to minister to all those who are afflicted. Through his intercession, grant us the . . . → Read More: Today we Celebrate a Saint

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