Friends in Safe Spaces. Chad Prather and Steve Mudflap McGrew aka Larry the Liberal

Such a refreshing video, enjoy!

Reagan Vs. Obama – Social Economics 101

You think you’re having a bad day…….


then you step outside of your house and look up into the beautiful blue sky and see this!!!!

All of a sudden, that smile comes back to your face, and you think to yourself…..

Now that’s a BIG ASS BALLOON!!!!!

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Mexican Plastic Surgeon in BIG trouble!

From the queue this morning…

Most of the time when folks call into are queue, they have a legitimate need for technical support. Most of the time, we know who they are and they are in fact, customers of ours.

Then there is the occasional call into the queue from origins unknown to civilization.

Enjoy this unique piece of voice . . . → Read More: From the queue this morning…

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