Back Again

Not that I ever really left, but I did sort of let things go here. However, I am bringing things back slowly because I really miss The Garage. I am proud to say the forums from some years back seem to be intact which is a good thing as there was good info there.  I also seem to have permalinks under control so all pages should be visible.

One obvious thing that will be missing, is the radio station.  I never thought that would happen, but then who would have realized the offering of streaming music available today?  The honest part of it is I guess that the PC is down for the station, and has been for some time now.  I don’t really have anything onhand anymore that would power the station anyhow.  The software is old, the tech is all old really and it’s just not worth the effort.



 Also going to spend a little less time giving a shit about Facebook as well.  Got a replacement phone the other day and still no Facebook on it.  Sure it’s good for long lost friends and such, but what does it do for your real life?  All too often anymore you look at pictures of groups caught at a restaurant, picnic or some other function where each others company should be shared but instead most heads are looking down at a device.  About the only thing I’ll try to do, is get checked-in with Foursquare as I find it interesting to see when I was last at a place and I think I’ve been doing it since its start.  I also assist with edits and such from a Superuser standpoint.

I’ll pretty much always be around on Twitter as well so if you want to follow me or say HI that way, feel free to click the birdy and gettwitter to following.  It’s actually hard to imagine over 11,000 Tweets, but I suppose it could be worse.  I actually checked Twitter out well when it first launched, but just could not get into the shortness of it all or I probably would have had quite a bit more Tweets.  Eventually though I kinda got and went with it and found it pretty useful for news, but you have to be following the right feeds or it just isn’t worth it. 

Not a major post or anything like that it this time, but only a note to let you know it’s good to be back!



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