Another day at Humbug – 02/06/10

What a weekend I tell you, no rest for the wicked.

Saturday started off once again bright and early, only this time we returned so Darcy could finally see Humbug as well as give Dave a hand where needed.  We had a great lunch packed and ready to go thanks to the Mr’s while I got the trailer ready.  Again, met up with my uncle at 7:30am and we were on our way.

Humbug, AZDave wasted no time giving Darcy the tour and of course we tagged a long once again.  This was even better than the last time because Dave took a look at some pictures my uncle shared with him from 1971 prior to us coming out and was able to describe where the photos were taken as well as point out where buildings once stood that were in the photographs.

After spending a week studying Humbug more, and hearing additional information from Dave, I really felt more in tune with this old town.  The water was still too high to cross over and see the older parts of Humbug, but we did see some additional treasures that we didn’t see last time.

We still need to get up and do some trail work on the way to the mine, but that will happen soon enough.  That may take half a day or so and I had the following day to think about, so I didn’t want to burn out.  I was able to fill my trailer with stuff and get it out to be dumped.  That was fun getting the trailer back there, only suffered a lost license plate and keeper pin for the tailgate.  Since it is certainly doable, I’ll be returning for another load as time permits.

After breaking for lunch and sharing more stories, it was down to the creek we went for some more gold panning.  It was some good time spent learning the better techniques in panning and it was unreal how quickly the gold revealed itself in the black sand.  I never really had a mentor per say, it was just something I kind of picked up while traveling to Grass Valley, CA with my grandpa as a kid.  As I got older, on one of our trips, he bought me a sluice and a couple of pans.  I’d spend time now and then trying my hand at panning, but I will be the first one to admit that I was doing it all wrong.

Quietly, parts of Humbug lay down to sleepOverall it was a relaxing day so I found myself really experimenting with different shots as they presented themselves.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m no photographer, I just want to explore scenery.

I’m really enjoying trying to capture images beyond a natural frame.  Not a perfect frame, an aged frame.  Maybe a crooked frame or perhaps the center of the shot is really off to the left a little as far as the photo itself is concerned.  In this regard, I had lots to work with at Humbug and  I think a lot of it had to do with learning more about Humbug and getting to know it better.

It was a shorter trip then the other so I don’t have much to report.  However, as I mentioned, I have more photos HERE that I’d be happy if you checked out.  In fact, I’d appreciate knowing your favorites and am open to any criticisms you might have.  Again, I’m just having fun and don’t plan on quitting my day job. 😉

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