A Great Day For a Ride!

So Saturday morning started off with a trek out to AJ to meet up with other members of the club so we can clean up our adopt-a-mile in Miami, AZ.  With 12 or so bikes there, we made short work of cleaning up leaving the rest of the day to ride.

0628141613A big thanks to Debran and Rod for partaking with me on a ride after the walk which ended up being around 500 miles for the day.  504 for me anyhow.  This is the second time now that I’ve hit Clints Well after the clean-up and plan on making it a regular trip after our clean-ups.  First it was Debran wanting to extend the day some by joining me, then there was Rod who was easily distracted from his chores that he should have gone home and done by the mention of a day in the cool air and pines.

While at The Long Valley Cafe in Clints Well, the fact that Debran had not seen Winslow came up somehow and of course being just down the hill 52 miles or so seemed like no problem to stop in for a visit.  I had planned to visit 0628141520an old camp spot of mine on this trip anyhow so I went north a bit on Lake Mary for a little bit while Rod and Debran continued on to Winslow.  I eventually made it to Winslow and it seemed at this point I was probably an hour behind them.  I hung for a bit at Standin’ on the Corner Park listening to some stories from some folks mooching money and was then joined by Hornet and Denise.  Small world on that corner in Winslow, AZ.

Anyhow, the rest is pretty much history since it started getting dark about Meteor Crater or so and I ended up getting home about 11.  So when you ask me what time I think I’ll be back to Phoenix and I say “I have no idea and don’t care” understand that you might be putting in a solid day if you come along.  🙂  I should point out that the only reason we were able to do this trip was because of the class being cancelled that night.  This was one of the best days of riding I’ve had in a long time.

0628141840Oddly enough, I didn’t need my cool vest at all for the day, although admittedly it was close while riding along Lake Roosevelt as it was probably a little later in the day than we’d want to go normally through there.  We all agreed that starting to hydrate the night before contributed to the success of our ride for the day so keep that in mind if you are coming along this weekend.  Start drinking a bit more water then you normally would on Friday night and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results on Saturday as long as you keep that hydration going.

Have a great week,


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