570-3 * A Silo Social

Doesn’t look like much of an opening now does it?

So the Silo Social was awesome!  I got a clean bill of health from the ER last night, no broken bones.  That my friends, could only mean one thing; I was doing the Silo.

Before getting into the story, have a look at the video if you’d like.  It was from our adventure today as well.

The day started off about 5am for me so I could make the meeting spot.  I got down to the area just north of Tucson and met some great guys.  It seemed everybody had their stories to tell about one adventure or another.  I even heard a story or two about Neverland and how some folks managed to explore that area one time before all the rides were removed.  Once we were all pretty sure nobody else was coming, we made our way to the site.  I was still pretty nervous about doing the silo with a sprained foot, but I didn’t drive all the way down there just to look at a hole in the ground.

The area was actually pretty clear of debris on the surface, nothing to indicate the treasure that lie below.When we pulled up, there were a few other cars at the site whose owners were just making their way to the surface.  At this point, there were close to 20 dudes all around this little opening in the ground.  Most did not waste anytime getting down the ladder while others waited their turn continuing to share stories of adventure.  Soon it was my turn to make my way down the ladder into the darkness.  As soon as I slipped through the opening and was firm on the ladder, any fears I might have had seem to have gone.  I was ready for this now.


Construction started on Silo 570-3 on December 22nd, 1960 and was complete October 5th, 1962.  Complex 570-3 went on alert May 22nd, 1963    serving proudly until it went off alert and was deactivated on March 27th 1984.

I won’t go reinventing the wheel here about Titan II Missiles, for the real facts however, checkout this site when you have a few moments.

Never go alone and get those fires out!

While this is particularly true in what we were doing today with regards to exploring, I learned a bit today from some of the old pros about this wonderful place.  You never moved around the silo alone, for the launch required two people at the same time.  Another comment heard, your immediate job after launch, was to go topside and put out the fires.  Assuming you lived through the launch.

I really wish I could describe this place to you, I wish the pictures did it justice.  But there’s something to be said about being inside a complex that had an ICBM in it one time.  I mean these are the things I think of when I watch War Games.  Sorry, that was on last night.  It’s hard to imagine that not long ago, there were live missiles sprinkled around the countryside.   Deadly missiles.  The fact that so much of this complex was still intact brought you back to the era.  It also made me hungry to take the tour.  While that usually isn’t my thing, having seen a forgotten one would be neat to compare to the museum.  You can’t imagine the pains people took to make sure you and I never see those silos again.  But what really floors me, is the pains people took and are taking to regain access to these time capsules.  I heard some f olks are about 4 feet from getting back into one while another we saw today is padlocked and under the jurisdiction of the forest service.  We were asked to leave by them today actually while at the second silo.  That one is pretty clean I hear, but lacking in the equipment the other one has.

I took some pictures today but they are not all the best.  I was more into the whole thrill I think today then getting pictures.  As I get more media though from the other guys, I’ll share it with you.

Here are my pics

Enjoy, and feel free to comment. Thanksbye!

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  • Bryan

    Looks like quite an adventure. Hope everyone made it out unscathed.

  • An adventure it was! Only some very minor abrasions on some folks from the entry way, but other then that, a very safe trip. That is of course, as long as you use common sense.
    While there was probably not a big issue with not using a mask, the air was old and wet. Something I’m sure I would have gotten used to. Some guys didn’t wear one. The tiles shown in the sleeping quarters were of the old asbestos type so even though the air was very still, you never know.

    The stairwells, ladder, and just about every other aspect of the complex was very solid. No standing water, bugs or reptiles. I think of all the places I have been in, be it mines or the old trotting park, this is by far the safest trip I’ve taken. It’s small access at the bottom of the ladder turned a couple guys away. I know one of the guys has done some tight caves prior to this. I found they never thought this environment would get to them, but realized that as you get older, you change.

    Anyhow, this is one trip, I’d like very much to do again someday, but take some more time to get better pictures and really study this facility. I would invite any true history/photo buff to check this place out. There were some recent taggings, so hurry before the dirtbags ruin a good thing.

  • Twitter Comment

    Here’s a great adventure for you @zaibatsu [link to post] come check it out. 🙂 – Posted using Chat Catcher

  • Island Girl

    The pictures were amazing. I was really able to get a good idea of what the Silo adventure entailed. Well, enough to know that I don’t think there will ever be a Silo encounter in store for me, but was great to live vicariously through you. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome! I’m glad you liked the article. I would like to look into getting a camera that takes better photos in low light to darkness. I think in many cases, the flash takes away from the atmosphere some.

  • Viktor Morgan

    Lol thats my video. Woot!

  • And an awesome video it is! I pretty much left details of everything out to protect the adventurous.

    I hope it didn’t seem like this was MY video because it certainly wasn’t. I think it was clear in this line
    “I took some pictures today but they are not all the best. I was more into the whole thrill I think today then getting pictures. As I get more media though from the other guys, I’ll share it with you.”

    As a matter of fact Viktor, I think I got the link from the site you and I share an interest in.

    At any rate, KUDOS to Viktor for the video and secondly for stopping by.

  • was looking for more in for about the phx trotting park seen your pics of the silo and love what i see so far me and my gf have bin in the same silo as u were down in like 6 months after u were ther so cool and we got lots of pics of the silo if u would like to see but now am looking for a new adventurer for next weekend so i u would plezz e mail me about the trotting paark that would be so cool later man jodady26@yahoo.com ps me and 7 friends dug up the shaft that u used to get in the silo over 10 years ago 5months of chipping away at concrete we got to the door and a friend of ours dad did the cuting for us to get threw the door that was laying just in side of the command center would love to talk more so e mail me later

  • Well my friends, it is with extreme sadness that I share the following quote with you. I cannot and will not say who or where the quote came from, besides that’s not important. Unless somebody gets very creative and/or has some major equipment, I’m afraid 570-3 is sealed now forever. I am so thankful I saw it when I did and was able to capture images of this incredible place.

    I found out earlier today that the Air Force is actually who sealed up the site again. Some hiker stumbled upon the hatch by accident and reported it to Davis Monthan AFB. They sent somebody out ASAP to weld it shut again.

    This is the way the entry looked when I went in there:

    And now, thanks to the hiker with the big mouth, the entry looks like this:

    I’ve also heard that beneath the hatch is concrete once again. There is some speculation however on whether it’s just a few feet of concrete, of if they filled the tube. Trouble is, how far did the concrete flow horizontally? It’s doubtful we’ll see entry to this silo anytime soon.

    🙁 Very sad times indeed. Looks like we’ll have to venture over to Colorado for any future silo visits.

  • cheers
    I have fixed all the links related to this article as well as created the forum yet again.  Also, I re-uped the pictures as well so the gallery is now complete.  My friends, I do apologize for things not working, I had no idea.

    Somehow, the gallery got way corrupted in the migration and slipped under my radar.  I'll check the other albums as soon as I can and make sure those pics are OK.  WHEW, I couldn't find my orginal folder of these pics and started to panic.  Luckily, I had a set on another box.  Anyhow, sorry about the mishaps.


    At any rate, enjoy the photos!  http://stangsgarage.com/nggall…..page-1014/


  • cops Did I mention this one is sealed up again?  Yep, a hiker told the USAF about it being open when he came up on it.  It's doubtful it will ever be accessible anytime soon.



  • dre

    oh man. i was so looking forward to seeing that silo. i looked at your pictures first and got all excited. then as i read the comments further, i saw that its sealed up. that’s a shame. btw. where exactly is the location of this? you can email me at the email provided if you like. thanks man!

  • Hello Dre, glad you like the pictures. There are several places on the net with the exact location. I would have to look for it, it’s been a very long time since I have been there.


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