My Winter Adventure

Hey my friends, I hope you are well.  Have a look at my latest video from my November trip.

My Red Sled


My 2010 Vulcan Voyager

Are you Nextdoor?

Stang I Am

So I’m trying out this new site called Nextdoor which is pretty much a social network for just your neighborhood.  It seems a little limited and some of the quarks are annoying but for the most part, I like the concept.  Is anyone else trying it out?  What are your thoughts?

If you’d like to . . . → Read More: Are you Nextdoor?

2013 Historic Route 66 Fun Run

A few months back, The Phoenix Vulcan Riders cruised Route 66 and here is the resulting video:


HTC Wants Back in The Game!

Wanting to take a BIG bite of the fruit, HTC is coming on full force with its flagship the HTC One. Even more to the point of getting your attention, they’ve enlisted Robert Downey Jr. to assist with this new ad:

Personally, I’ve been patiently waiting for HTC One to hit Big Red, but . . . → Read More: HTC Wants Back in The Game!

Goodbye Simple:Press – Sorry your greed got the best of you!


For a number of years I used Simple:Press and when I had an issue here or there, I usually turned to their forums for help.  Well, unless you have the cash to pay for support, you get none and like it.  They currently offer two flavors of support that you can purchase.

For $39 . . . → Read More: Goodbye Simple:Press – Sorry your greed got the best of you!

Slackershack – Sunday Funday

Check out this video I made over the summer!


Happy New Year

I Am Stang

Welcome to Stang’s Garage!

I wish you all a Happy New Year!  

My Review of the FREEZE-OUT® Neck Guard

Originally submitted at

For those mornings and evenings when the temperatures wane, the FREEZE-OUT® Neck Guard is perfect. FREEZE-OUT® membrane technology panels in front ensures the cold winds are at bay, while an open weave poly-fleece panels in back allows heat to dissipate. Stretch cuff openings maintain an effective …

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My Review of the Balaclava

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If you have a coupon for a free Freeze-Out Balaclava please click here.  Essential kit that you’ll want on any ride when the temp drops. Strategically placed FREEZE-OUT® panels balanced with open poly-fleece ensure maximum wind protection with optimal heat dispersion to ensure optimal temperatu…



What . . . → Read More: My Review of the Balaclava


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